Company Presentation

Discovery new ways to make easy the kitchen life, prepare new tastes, style and quality. Family meals, that good conversation with friends, on the comfort of our home or in the restaurants. The MTA products make part of moments like this.

The sophistication and quality of good foods go through MTA products. Pots and utensils of high quality present in many parts of the world. MTA are a Brazilian genuinely company, headquartered in Marmeleiro, on Paraná state. There are over 23 years that the company works with respect and seriousness on branch housewares, invests in technologies and innovative practices, developing unpublished products on the world market.

The processes modernization gives agility and flexibility in your actions, since the search, purchase of raw materials, sale, manufacture, delivery and after sales.

With an flexible and important actuation on the housewares market. The products line MTA are in accordance with several standards of quality. Experts, housewives, cooking lovers and beginners approve products with this logo.

The CAST IRON LINE - Balances rustic designs to modern, providing practicality both on oven to the stove.

The NONSTICK LINE - Has five coating layer, colors diversity and quality, that make easy the day-to-day on cuisine.

The ALUMINIUM INJECTED UNDER PRESSURE - So much versatile, allowing diversity on prepare recipes on oven and stove. Are manufacture with affection and coating with the most modern nonstick to contact with food.Products like this, beautify, last a long time without harm the environment.

The EXCLUSIVE PRESSURE COOKER WITH GLASS DISPLAY, was awarded with the HOUSE&GIFT from GIFT FAIR the most important Brazilian event segment. And it’s between the 100 innovation Brazilian products from 2013 displayed on Hannover Fair on IF Design competition. This pressure cooker has patent in Brazil and abroad.

MTA has been reference in the media and the branch of housewares . Articles says about the innovative feature. The major brands of the branch and magazines networks sell MTA products in their stores and on the virtual market. MTA’s success and acceptance grow up daily, because the management of company believes in working, invests in new technologies, on training people and environmental preservation.

MTA, from here get out innovators and of quality products that provides satisfaction, pleasure and specials moments.